Your hosts and their house

We built our house in 1999. Its architecture is both traditional and modern. Ultra-functional, we specifically designed it to ensure the comfort and privacy of everyone living here.

Ecologically aware, we use a heat pump to heat the flats and B&Bs, another to heat the swimming pool from April to October and solar panels for the hot water in The Cottage. We have been living in Ailhon for the last 20 years, in love with its “truly rural” atmosphere and the peace, quiet and zenitude we love to share with our guests.

Marie-Noëlle is delighted to tell you about the wonders of Southernmost Ardèche, the historic villages of character, the mountain torrents and the spectacular views from the Ardèche highland plateau – and Jeremy knows every path and trail within a radius of 100km as he’s explored them all on horseback.

Marie-Noëlle has been Ardéchoise “for over five hundred years”, as she says
She retired in 2002 after a career in language training and film dubbing in Paris and Lyon. Very close to her roots, with a thorough knowledge of Ardèche history and geography, she is a driving force in promoting tourism in the Ardèche in France and internationally. A charming housewife, she will do all she can to make your holidays comfortable and unforgettable.

Jeremy is English and proud of it…
In France since 1971, where he was in advertising, exports and then a translator-interpreter and voice-over artist, he has kept his BBC accent and sings in local choral societies. His taste for nature and the country life means that for him, living in the Ardèche is as if he’d gone to Paradise already. His joy is hacking his horse Ginger on the magnificent trails in the area – and even further afield! He enjoys sharing his country of adoption, its unique landscapes, local hiking and biking paths, villages of character – and small “authentic” bars lost in the woods.

Symbol and mascot of the Planas, half griffin, mid-Dalmatian was a friend to all our visitors – and probably one of the most photographed dog in the world, given the number of e-mails received at Christmas! Milou has gone unfortunately but cheekie Cookie has taken over the Planas. to welcome you with her smile and her “joie de vivre”.